Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Phenix's 14th Birthday

Gage wanted to model the Juicy.

She wanted cake balls not a cake...

Wow Phenix is 14 today, I cant believe my little girl is going to High School in 5 Months. It seems like just yesterday Ty and I were on fertility drugs, counting days, blood tests and I wish I had all the money I spend on pregnancy test. I bet allot of you did not know this but Tyler and I decided to try one more month of fertility then off to Peace Core. Well right before that peanut butter shot you have to get a pregnancy test and surprise Phenix saved me I was so scared of that shot! This is a few things about Phen you probably didn't know.

1. She is a straight A student.

2. She LOVES life with all her heart.

3. Phenix doesn't care what anyone think of her or drama, do you know how hard that is when your a teen....
4. Loves Jazz, Ballet and Tennis.
5. Going to be a Anesthesiologist.
6. Phen is moving to Australia to surf and buy a house on Possum street. She even has the picture of the a house.
7. She loves her brother and they barely ever fight. And I don't even think you can call it a fight when they do.
8. She has to messy room. I tell everyone you need a tetanus shot to go in.
9. Phenix is absolutely boy crazy...... She falls in love at least twice a day.
10. L.O.V.E.S. chocolate! I told her she would eat a grasshopper if it was dipped in chocolate.
11. She doesn't like kids..... I wonder were she gets that from..... She has a few favs not many.
12. JUICY, JUICY,JUICY! need I say more.
13. She has a passion for fashion. Ive taught her well.
14. Loves to volunteer.
15. Phen is BRILLIANT! Ive said it before and I will say it again she is the smartest person I know......

Happy Birthday Phenix! I love you so much. I love your stories when I pick you up from school and when you tell me about all the books you read and then quiz me cuz you know I have a great skill of pretending to listen, because of Gage, that never stops talking. I love that you have plans for your life and they are all such and adventure..... Happy 14th......


Joyce said...

Love the highlights on Phenixs birthday. So glad dad and I could be part of it. We had a wonderful time. As you said she is amazing. If I ever have a question about something it seems she can answer it. Love you all so very, very, much. XOXOXXOXO Mom

Marcy said...


It looks like you had an awesome birthday! I love all the pictures from your birthday and the ones of you at dance. You are such a beautiful girl. Good job being such a smarty in school. I'm so proud of you.