Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Well its time to brag about Phenix as most of you know she was in this months issue of POP STAR mag. pg. 110 ( Hee Hee ) looking amazing as always..... And we went to an awards program at her school thinking it was for her NJHS which is great!!!! To find out she also received an award for Reading. She was picked out of all of the 6th graders...... Beautiful and smart I guess that what you get when you mix me and Ty.

Pics of my Grandma giving us the Tour at the museum.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

OK its been forever since we blogged! Allot has happen. Our trip to Salt Lake was great. Its hard to see everyone and spend time with everyone but hopefully in July we will be able to make the rounds. We did get to go to my Grandma's new job she is a Docent at the South Jordan Museum so she took us on a great tour. We also watched a great dance performance by Ryann Johnson. Amazing!!!! Ryker and Tallulah are the best of friends and it was hard for her to leave. My mom said Ryk looked for her for days after we left. We also caught a T-Ball game of little Molder. We learned that Quinn Molder runs our family, that cute little devil..... Gage tells this one to everyone, One day with Quinn we were driving around and he asked where are we going next? I said to hell in a hand basket! He asked are there toys there? We got very lucky three baby Colts where born, all filly's sorry Dad no boys in the club this year. Oh last thing Gage and Tray caught two baby frogs great way to end the trip.................