Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Gage is off track so we tried to start Christmas shopping. We went to Town Square, one of our out side malls, went to Borders got our lattes and started our shopping for the day. The Christmas music was playing and its all decorated for the season. I looked at Gage and started laughing, he's in shorts and a tee and I'm still in my gym cloths and running shorts and a tank top and its 80 degrees.....CRAZY!!!! We had lunch on the patio and even got tan lines. Every year since we have moved here I have the hardest time getting in the Christmas spirit. So I put up Christmas early this year. It looks great so I wanted to share it. Here's a few pics......

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Marcy said...

I love all your new pictures. Phenix you are getting so grown up and more beautiful every time I see you. Nice work on your grades, keep it up and you will be going to Harvard!

Gage you look like a super star in all you football pictures. I like your new hair cute!

The house looks great. It makes me want to go home and put up all our Christmas decoration. We just painted our Family room a dark brown color as well, it’s called Sepia. Great minds think a like! We can’t wait to come an visit.

I hope you guys are having a good Thanksgiving with the Johnson's.

I need to call you to see how you liked Twilight??