Sunday, September 7, 2008

I cant believe it Gage is 10 yrs. old... He had a great Birthday with a great surprise my Mom, Tammie and Quinn came down to visit. We all just hung out while they were here. I baked my second cake I think in my life since Gage wanted me to make it. His room is finally done it took him a bit to decide what he want but it turned out great. I took tons of picture of it and of his B-Day but my BEAUTIFUL husband deleted them so Gages tenth Birthday did not Happen.... Thank god for the video camera. Gage wants a do over on the cake so he can have pictures in his scrapbook, when we do it again you will see why he wants the pictures, it was AWESOME!!!!!!!


Blake and Lacy said...

Happy late Birthday Gage! It sounds like it was a lot of fun!

Marcy said...

Great job baking Dana! I want to see pictures of Gage’s room and your whole house… We for sure need to plan a visit to check out your amazing house.

Tyler we wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday… We know that your Birthday was yesterday the 20th but we dropped the ball and forgot until tonight. We apologize that we are so lame! We hope you had a great day! We love and miss you all.