Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hey everyone! I got some exciting news, I got excepted to join the NJHS (National Junior Honor Society)!!!!!!!!!!! I was selected for these 6 categories; GPA ( grades ), Teacher recommendations, leadership, service, outstanding citizenship, & character! I have waited for about a mouth ( it felt like FOREVER). We do community service and help our school with fundraising. Almost all of my friends made it to! Its a very big honor and I'm very excited.
- Phenix J.
P.S my gymnastic competition is on June 7th


ecksmanfan said...

Great job Phenix! That is anawesome achivement.

ecksmanfan said...

Grandma Mary doesn't have a google account, but she says congratulations on the hard work and she loves the blog you guys have set up. Keep passing on the fun info from the family. She will call you in the next few days.The pitures are awesome.